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About Us

Cryptohippie Inc. is a specialized provider of communication security services, operating globally to protect the communications and data of its clients.

Building on years of experience, our primary area of focus is on international organizations, globally-distributed teams and groups with elevated privacy and confidentiality needs.

Our primary goal is to bring high quality VPN and server security to a broad market, and to make it affordable even to non-profit organizations and to small businesses, while retaining flexibility and military grade security.

Our History

Our team began providing innovative security technology to a selected group of organizations from the US and EU in 1997; working for research projects and human rights organizations.

After the political changes inflicted by the atrocities of 9/11, we chose to not accept any new clients for both security and political reasons. However, the changes in security policies, crime trends and the growing thread of industrial espionage led us to review this move, and in 2003 we restructured our business to outsource client relationships to external resellers and consultants (who can undertake extensive client security screening), and to focus on the technological parts of our business. A new company was formed to handle our operative business relationships: Roque Holdings Corporation, Panama.

The next major change in our operations occurred in June 2007 when new laws and a new shareholder structure lead us to reinvent ourselves. On June 26th Roque Holdings Corporation merged with Cryptohippie Inc., Panama. This allows us to service a larger market and extend our offerings with new, innovative products and services. While Roque Holdings Corporation put in its technical expertise, Cryptohippie Inc. provided added value with their experience in client selection and system auditing leading to an even more reliable overall operation and infrastructure.

As of Dec. 2007, we have resumed accepting new clients, as well as presenting ourselves more transparently to the market. All previous client relationships will be honored, and with the addition of the trusted Cryptohippie team, we are positioned to empower a much greater market to regain privacy and confidentiality.

With over 2000 people using our services on a daily basis, Cryptohippie Inc. is one of the premier sources for advanced communication security.

Sections: About Us || Our History || Our Team || Our Philosophy

Our Team

The Cryptohippie Inc. team consists of specialists in their respective fields. With decades of combined experience and clean track records we combine knowledge and sound ethics.

F. Hyman President & CEO. Responsible for business administration, marketing, client selection, process auditing and policy enforcement. Our CEO has over 15 years of experience in the telecom business, is a renowned author, expert witness and an active participant in Internet and privacy policy discussions.
J. Logan Vice President & CTO. Responsible for Research and Development, system administration auditing, infrastructure, operations and managing our anonymous administrators. Our CTO has 12 years of experience in privacy and security as CTO&CDO, software developer, system administrator, consultant and trainer.
A. Marilson Responsible for compliance, quality assurance, and audits. Our compliance officer is a long-time member of the privacy scene, focused on technology, media and policy; a respected academic and mediator.
Anonymous Administrators Cryptohippie Inc. relies heavily on anonymous administrators to protect our operations from black mail, social engineering and corruption. Being heavily overseen by our policy and technology auditing, all procedures require the approval both by a publicly known auditor as well as at least one anonymous administrator assigned and briefed on a need to know basis. Carefully tested, hand-picked specialist administrators with a long standing relationship with Cryptohippie Inc. ensure smooth, reliable and trustworthy operations, while at the same time reducing social and physical attack risks. Currently two anonymous administrators are on daily duty while three others are on active standby.
Shareholders All shares of Cryptohippie Inc. are held by the management team. All shareholder decisions require at least two shareholders to decide in accordance while critical decisions (law enforcement cooperation, system security, affiliations and architecture changes, business structure) can be vetoed by each shareholder and the board of advisors.

Sections: About Us || Our History || Our Team || Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our fundamental views of the world and our personal decisions result in our corporate philosophy. We ask our clients to judge us, not only by our written statements but also by our daily operations. These should match our philosophy. We expect our customers to actively test and challenge us in what we do, not just in what we say. All changes in our philosophy and operations will therefore be communicated to all of our clients and supporters so they can review their opinion of us accordingly. Furthermore, our philosophy is reflected in our operation policies.

1.) People first We focus primarily on people and principle, not solely on immediate recompense. This is crucial to our operations since it protects us from making decisions solely on the basis of immediate material gain. While we work for money and the optimization of profit, all of our decisions are first of all led by the principle of People First. This allows us to work for clients who cannot afford market prices but who we choose to support because of what they do and what they stand for.
2.) Honesty We do what we say, and we will express everything our clients need to judge our actions. This also includes the fact that we value contracts and will expect the same from our clients. And it means that we will not promise anything we cannot keep. And we say "NO!" when we have to.
3.) Transparency All judgments require a knowledge base. Especially in questions of trust it is crucial that our clients have as much information as possible. This is why we publish statistics about third party interference, infrastructure status and policies.
4.) Privacy The right to privacy is fundamental to human life in the digital age. Without privacy, people are under the control of those with a knowledge advantage. Privacy removes force and violence from human interaction, and lost privacy reintroduces it. People are meant to be free, not servants under a strong man’s mercy. We exist to provide and protect our clients’ privacy by all means necessary and applicable. This not only influences the specifics of our products and services but also internal and external communication. While the latter part often leads to situations that appear overly secretive or that limit our market reach, we think we owe that to our clients.
5.) Confidentiality Information is the key to the digital kingdom these days. That is why private information needs to be heavily guarded. Trade secrets, research and development data, client information and financial data are the central factors to today’s enterprises, and they need to remain under the exclusive control of their owners. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your data, we will highly guard your data that is stored with us, and we will strictly control access to it. This leads to certain procedures and specifications of our products that define the "loss" of data as losing the exclusive control over it and not lost access to it. We guard you against this kind of loss. .
6.) Sound economics We deserve to be paid for our efforts. We are capitalists and we seek honest profits. Our prices are reasonable and we do not believe in luring clients into buying sub-standard products for unrealistic prices. While quality is worth a reasonable price, we refrain from over-charging our clients, even when such opportunities arise. The reason for this is that only a sound financial basis can sustain a long, mutually-beneficial and reliable trust relationship. We are here to stay, and we do not want to risk a situation were market dislocations taint the principles expressed above.
7.) Peace with everyone We try hard to live in peace with everyone and to mind our own business only. As far as it is under our control, we refrain from conflicts and hold ourselves to our principles. However, we believe in freedom and liberty and are servants to no one. Where conflicts arise through no fault of our own, they will be dealt with accordingly.
8.) Dignity of man We believe in the dignity of man. This means first and foremost that every person is free and shall not be forced to do, or to refrain from, anything. This also means that individuals should protect one another from physical, social and psychological violence surpassing the other’s ability of self-defense. This principle is a critical component of privacy and the foundation to all human rights. Thus, it includes things like self-determination, the presumption of innocence and the right to be left alone. It also includes the duty of every individual to protect the weak where necessary and where possible.

Should you disagree with our philosophy or its implications we ask you to not become our client. We will not compromise on these matters. So, if you object, refrain from dealing with us. Should you, as a client, violate the principle of Honesty, Peace or Dignity of man, we will immediately terminate our contract with you and will withhold any protection against law enforcement investigations by any respected government agency or by any respected free market justice service. You will be notified of this in advance.

Sections: About Us || Our History || Our Team || Our Philosophy

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