VPN Backbone

The foundation for our technical products is VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. VPNs are "tunnels" running over the Internet that connect computers in a secure manner..

The term "Virtual" refers to the level of abstraction provided which allows connected computers and applications to treat the VPN as if it were a LAN (local area network).

These connections are protected by heavy cryptography that make it excessively hard to listen to, manipulate, insert or replay data transferred over the VPN. This even includes details on which computers communicate to each other or what usage patterns exist. The protection provided by VPNs is reflected in the term "Private".

Cryptohippie Inc. makes heavy use of VPN technologies such as IPSec and OpenVPN while focusing on peer-reviewed and preferable open source applications. We offer a wide range of VPN services from small hub and terminator setups up to globally distributed networks and gateway applications. However we do not offer PPTP services.

VPN Hubs

Securely interconnecting, geographically dispersed project teams, mobile workers (road warriors) field and home offices are daily requirements of the digital enterprise. Cryptohippie Inc. offers a scalable solution to do these things. With managed VPN Hubs we can easily set up a global web of interconnected people without the risk of data being leaked over the global Internet or individual geographic locations being revealed. Another part of the picture is our built-in firewall and optional network intrusion detection system. This greatly decreases the security risk of insider attacks and infected nodes while providing DSL-like speeds at the same time.

Our turnkey service includes full installation and production support, hosting of the dedicated hub hardware as well as continuous maintenance.

With a total cost of deployment and operation starting at less than 10 USD/month* per connected user, the return on investment for a full security appliance has never been better.

VPN Termination

Secure access to Internet resources is an ever-growing demand. Current law enforcement tactics against cyber crime put the whole organization in harms way - with only one user clicking on the wrong link and drawing attention to himself or a single office workstation infected by malicious software.

Furthermore growing Internet surveillance by Telco corporations, Wifi hotspot providers, hotels and cyber-criminals sacrifices critical information about your mobile workers. Where have your account managers been? Which company network does your strategic negotiator connect from? Which country does your procurement or sales representative visit today? For which company does this strategic advisor work for?
The answers to those questions should not be widely known to everyone. Especially not to your competitors.

Using our state-of-the-art VPN Hubs and shared gateways to and from them, we can offer you protection against the wrong people obtaining your information or raiding your offices in early morning’s light.

VPN Backbone

Sometimes global distribution, failover protection, multi-party access and internal network privacy is just what you need. Working in a global joint venture? Interconnecting your headquarters, mobile workers and subsidiaries? Want to offer your clients and suppliers a secure and controlled connection to your datacenter? Or is it just time to go global?

Our VPN Backbone gives you just that: A globally distributed, failover protected, highly secure and fully managed network infrastructure for hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands concurrent users. Actually, our VPN Backbone is your own private Internet without the threats of privacy breaches and data leaks. While offering you secure access to outside Internet resources, it also builds a wall to protect your internal network resources from internal and external DDoS attacks.

VPN Appliance When connecting whole office networks, or even designated parts of them to our networks, a per-client software installation is not necessary. With our VPN Appliances you receive a turn key, plug in only, fully maintained hardware solution that takes care of routing, firewalling and encryption for all connected workstations, laptops and servers for less then 1000 USD**.

Want to know more? Contact us today and learn about the future of enterprise networks.

*Calculation based on 30 active user accounts.
**Entry level VPN Appliance for unlimited connections and 25 MBit/s bandwidth encryption. Excluding VPN infrastructure fees.

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