Key Trustee

Forced cryptographic key disclosure has become a common tool of criminals, law enforcement and lawyers. This poses an uncontrollable risk to confidential data and operations. As soon as keys are revealed, no gates protect your data storage and processing resources. This being an unacceptable situation, Cryptohippie Inc. offers Key Trustee services to help you stay in control.

Cypherlock Cypherlock is key server implementation that supports escrow of key fragments controlled by event policies. By setting lifetimes, intrusion detection events, distress signals or specific usage frequencies (dead-man switch), keys can be automatically destroyed in accordance with enterprise security policies. The Cypherlock system consists of a distributed LAS network without permanent backup and is highly secured against attacks on the operators. This is particularly interesting when crossing borders into elevated threat jurisdictions.
Key banking In case you prefer a person being in charge of security policy enforcement, Cryptohippie Inc. supports methods for human mediated key access. This option is only available to large enterprise clients with more then 100 policy controlled keys.
Data courier services

Frequently the transport of physical backup media is targeted by interested attackers. Cryptohippie Inc. offers a service for multi-path, multi-party physical data couriers. Advanced use of encryption and a combination of sound policies and multiple shared trust operatives allows fully controlled "All or nothing" transport of data worldwide. Never loose your accounting database on the way to an external partner.

In addition to courier services Cryptohippie Inc. also offers anonymous physical auditing and witness services. Please contact our President for more information.

Note: Cryptohippie Inc. works with secret splitting. Using this method no party is able to act on its own without the other parties consent.

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