Enterprise Anonymization

Connection patterns, visited websites and emails sent give away a surprisingly amount of information on what a corporation is working on and with whom. This information is available to any casual observer and even to websites that are visited. Not only may strategic moves but also business partners, patent processes get into competitor’s hands, but personal interests as well – and these can fuel blackmail, smear campaigns, extortion and lawsuits, both civil as well as criminal.

Cryptohippie Inc. offers a complete range of anonymization services that help you deal with these risks. Depending on product, even we ourselves cannot follow your traces, let alone third party observers.*

Please refer to our Policies for detailed information on logging and client identification requirements.

email smarthost Protecting sender IP information and enterprise mail infrastructure specifics. We provide access to shared and dedicated email smarthost (aka email gateway) systems worldwide that remove identifying information. Suitable for all email client software, mobile and office scenarios.
email anonymization Protects sender IP, address and routing path. We provide custom gateways to various global remailer networks as well as injection directly into remailer hosts. Furthermore, recipient pools for receiving anonymous email are available.
Privacy Guard Relay Simple, cost effective dual-hop anonymization for TCP based protocols. Suitable for email, instant messaging and web-surfing.
VPN anonymization Cryptohippie Inc. provides optional solutions for the VPN Backbone that protect against internal and external session tracking and identification, stream fingerprinting and tracing. Multi-jurisdictional, multi-party, multi-hop operations for maximum speed and usability at minimum risk.
KH.OR: Onion Routing Advanced multi-jurisdictional, multi-party, multi-hop onion routing network for high threat scenarios.
Custom internal setups If you require a custom anonymizing solutions for use in compliance reporting, idea markets or other organization internal scenarios, please contact our consultants.

*Important note: Cryptohippie Inc. does NOT claim that above products protect you against targeted attacks by very powerful adversaries like state sponsored specialized intelligence agencies that operate globally and have broad high level access to a sufficient percentage of domestic backbones, routers and dial-up infrastructure. One of those agencies that likely have these means is the National Security Agency of the U.S.A. Any claim by us (or others) that they can protect fully against the NSA would be grossly negligent. Technologies that protect against those attacks are almost unusable or excessively expensive. Should you be interested in those technologies, please contact our consultants.(And be prepared to verify your identity and desired uses.) However, such attacks are expensive and unlikely. .

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