Anonymous Admin

System administrators are prime targets for blackmail, corruption and outside force, and are in a central position to undermine your communication and data security.

Cryptohippie Inc. operates an Anonymous Administrator pool that can be utilized to oversee critical enterprise infrastructure or administer highly sensitive information resources.

Anonymous Administrators can not be targeted by third parties. Not even Cryptohippie Inc. can give away their personal information or identity which could put them at risk of under force.

Using auditing and concurrent peer review processes, Anonymous Administrators are under your control and the risk of them becoming insider attackers is greatly reduced.

Only carefully tested, hand-picked specialists with a long standing relationship with Cryptohippie Inc. are available for client work.

Please be advised that Cryptohippie Inc. only facilitates the contact to the pool of administrators and helps with setting up processes for communication, auditing and payment escrow. We will not know what specific administrator works for your organization or what tasks you delegate to them. However, in case of conflict, we will mediate/arbitrate upon request.

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