For over a decade, the team from Cryptohippie Inc. (Learn more about us) has been providing services to various organizations worldwide and protecting their confidential communication and data.

Every year the world economy and civil society depend more and more on Internet communication. But at the same time, the risks of digital communication increase many-fold. The dreams of the early Internet generation have turned into nightmares with attacks on confidentiality and privacy from agents of industrial and competitive espionage, organized crime, oppressive governments and even hired hackers.

Cryptohippie Inc. exists to help protect organizations against these ever-increasing risks. We provide a closed group of highly protected networks. Our products give you back your peace of mind when utilizing international communication and data access.

With more than 10 years of experience in the area of Virtual Private Networks, anonymization and highly protected storage servers, and with an excellent track record, Cryptohippie Inc. is the premier provider of services to protect your privacy and confidential data.

VPN Backbone Protects your internal communication and your mobile workers.
Protected Server Data storage and processing secured against digital and physical theft.
Enterprise Anonymization Your market research, cooperation and communication – kept safe from prying eyes.
Anonymous Admin Keep your enemies from blackmailing or paying-off your critical administrators.
Key Trustee Protection against forced cryptographic key disclosure.
Consulting Get our experts for your custom projects.

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